mountain dew amp - fuel the fight

video games are cool because with a little time and button mashing, you (yes, fred from accounting, you!) can become a hero known across the land. 
or at least across a message board.
but for weary millennials who have draining workdays, tiring commutes, and bills to pay, being the hero of their real story is a lot harder.
so we created amplandia, a mobile game for mountain dew amp, that energises millennials to become heroes in real life.

players scan their faces to create custom avatars.
scan everyday items and real amp cans as in-game weapons and power-ups.

reward gamers for consistent playing with real cans featuring their avatar.
dramatic ooh ads in commuter areas to awaken one's inner fighter
be a hero in between (or during) meetings and determine the fate of an interactive live action battle on social.
work got you stressed? destroy objects with amplandia weapons in rage room popups on your lunch break.
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